WATCH | The 2023 SA Enduro Champs Course Previews with Jason Boulle

by | Oct 12, 2023 | Bike Course Previews, Bike, Bike Events & Racing, Sports

Sunday the 15th of October is the Enduro Mountain Biking National Championships, taking place on the steep slopes of the Town Bush trail park in Cascades, Pietermaritzburg. Riders will climb and descend 1200m over the 20km course with 5 timed downhill stages counting towards their finishing time. We linked up with some of the locals to check out the stages ahead of Sunday’s race! We’ll add them below as they go live on YouTube.

Stage 1 – SA Enduro Champs 2023

Gabe Burns follows Brandon Waugh down the short and sweet “Left left” trail with some carnage at the end!

Stage 2 – SA Enduro Champs 2023

Local Gabriel Burns leads J-Dogg down the steep and rocky stage 2 with Brandon Waugh in tow.

Stage 3 – SA Enduro Champs 2023

This one is an absolute treat. There are a couple of slippery sections to contend with but what a trail! Cam Morewood leads J-Dogg and Gabe with Brandon on the back of the train.

Stage 4 – SA Enduro Champs 2023

Stage 4 is a long haul with some pedalling to do in the middle. Gabe leads the way for Somerset West pinner Michard Meets with J-Dogg and Brandon on the chase.

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