What Happens When Pro XCO Racer Cherie Redecker Takes On An Enduro World Series Race?

The previous 8 years of racing professionally, I predominantly raced XCO. My main goals and focus were the World Cups, which limited the time for other non XCO races. However, when I did get a chance to do a Stage race or an Enduro, I took it. The Italian Dolomites...

How Running Intervals Can Help You Lose Weight

Spring is the season to get up and get moving and the good news is you don’t have to put in massive amounts of mileage to see the benefits of running. In the most simple terms, weight loss requires burning more calories than you consume. Running is an easy, cost- and...

Understanding Cycling Performance Lab Testing and Data With John Wakefield

For some, cycling is just a fun pastime but for many of us the element of performance and improvement is always in mind when thinking about our time on the bike! These days the use of cycling performance tests to accumulate training data is increasingly popular for...


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