Gravel Bikes vs Mountain Bikes – Which Is Better?

In the ever evolving sport of mountain biking we are seeing a new niche really solidify itself in the mainstream, gravel cycling. While cycling on gravel has been around since the 70s (it was the first form of “mountain biking”), as mountain bikes became more capable...

Our 5 Best Mountain Bikes Under R45 000

We take a look at some of the top Mountain Bike offerings on the South African market in the sub R45 000 price category. It used to be easy to find a decent full suspension mountain bike for under R30 000. Those days are now, unfortunately, past. Will it ever be the...

What Makes A Good Cycling Shoe?

We speak with pro riders about what the important factors are to consider in choosing the right cycling shoe so that you can make a better purchasing decision for your feet. As the interface between your body and the pedal, one of your few contact points with your...


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