How To Optimise Your Recovery Strategies for Peak Performance at a Mountain Bike Stage Race

Do you want to know how to maximise your recovery for your next mountain bike stage race? Then you’ve come to the right place. Read on for 3 tried and tested tips that will allow you to recover and hit each day of the race feeling as fresh as you possibly can. ...

KAP sani2c: How Michael Foster Went From Lubing Chains to Elite Racer 

Michael Foster ‘grew up with sani2c’, and later this month the 22-year-old heads to the 20th edition of KAP sani2c as a pro rider with the PYGA Euro Steel team of Phil Buys, Pieter du Toit, and Jaedon Terlouw, who he will partner with for the Race. He says: “I just...

The Growing Gravel Riding Culture: The Races That Should Be In Your Calendar

Gravel riding has blurred the lines between road and mountain, creating an entirely different and unique fusion of the sport. Unlike their sleek road counterparts, gravel bikes are built to handle the demands of off-road terrain, but without the comforts of mountain...


Welcome to the home of Enduro in the Western Cape!

The Enduro Western Cape series is deeply routed in the sport and exists to provide the best possible platform for athletes to challenge themselves and prepare for the international Enduro scene while growing the sport locally. We bring you big mountain stages, EWS Qualifiers, world-class event experiences, hot competition, and a few beers to cap it off!

Enduro Western Cape

Round 1

Enduro Western Cape

Round 2

  • Date: 28 November
  • Location: Hoogkraal
  • Stages: 5
  • Distance: 20-30km
  • Elevation: ±1 000m
  • Options: Enduro Lite / Full Enduro

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