Fast Life Season 5. Hyped For The 2022 UCI World Cup!

This is the final season of Fast Life. Stoked that it’s here, sad that this is the last one! The popular series has followed Elite World Cup racers Kate Courtney (XCO), Loic Bruni (DH), and Finn Iles (DH) over the last few seasons of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup. The series captures the highs and lows these athletes face while competing to win at the highest level. We’ve embedded the 6 episodes from Season 5 below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Fast Life Season 5 EP 1

Fast Life EP 1

Fast Life Season 5 EP 2

Fast Life EP 2

Fast Life Season 5 EP 3

Fast Life EP 3

Fast Life Season 5 EP 4

Fast Life Ep 4

Fast Life Season 5 EP 5

Fast Life EP 5

Fast Life Season 5 EP 6

Fast Life EP 6

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