Get Your Adventure Fix This Summer

by | Dec 21, 2023 | Adventure, Featured, Outdoors

Part survival guide, part adventure journal and a whole lot of outdoor inspiration. Read on and get out there (safely) this Summer.

Ocean Safety 101

While it is a term just about everybody has heard and most public beaches have diagrams warning of the dangers and explaining how rip currents ‘work’ people still get caught unawares, even experienced ocean goers and strong swimmers. Firstly, let’s start with some background: A rip current is a powerful, fast-moving current that flows away from shore, usually at an angle. Rip currents are caused by the interaction of waves with the beach and they can occur at any beach with breaking waves. They can be difficult to spot if you don’t know what to look for, but they are often identified by a gap or break in the waves, as well as a noticeable change in the colour and ‘texture’ of the water.

Read on to learn how to get out safely.

How To Pack Efficiently For An Adventure

Hiking Clubs Are A Great Way To Get Into The Outdoors With Others And Tackle An Adventure

There’s no doubt that a hike is made more enjoyable when you have a well-organised backpack that carries your essentials efficiently. Properly packing your hiking backpack can make a significant difference in your comfort and overall experience on the trail. Here are some tips on how to do it better. *These tips can also be super useful when packing a duffel or suitcase.

Go The Distance

Sean Conway On An Adventure
Sean Conway

An iron-distance triathlon has a total combined length of 226.3 kilometres, which is made up of a 3.9-kilometre swim, a 180.2-kilometre bike and a full 42.2-kilometre run. Most average, amateur athletes who take up the challenge train for six months to complete the full distance in around 15 hours. In mid-2023, Sean Conway set a world record by doing it 105 times, back-to-back. That is three-odd months of endurance racing. A world record…But then, the Zimbabwean-born, multiple-world record holder is anything but average or amateur. You might not be planning even one ultra-distance triathlon, but you can still apply what Sean learned to your training and life. Read on.

Gauteng Adventures

Not everyone flocks to the coast in Summer. In fact, those who know hang back and make the most of the ‘quieter’ summer season in the Highveld. Check out some epic Day Trips and Micro Adventures to do, here, and some of the best Day Hikes, here.

*featured image: Tomáš Malík / Pexels

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