Imbuko Big 5 | Surviving The Sting In The Tail That Is Patatskloof

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We have broken down each segment of the Imbuko Big 5 route and now we have arrived at the sting in the tail, the Patatskloof section.

The Imbuko Big 5 MTB Challenge in partnership with Canetsfontein is a brutal test of endurance and bike handling. The 2024 event will take place on the 17th of February with a host of world class riders challenging for the title!

The race also attracts a hoard of ambitious amateurs who want to test their mettle against some mighty mountains, technical trails, and fellow riders!

Patatskloof is the 5th and final climb and it leads into a stiff grind to the finish. That’s right, when you reach the top of the steep and exposed gravel road, the work is not over! Follow along with J-Dogg, Franko van Zyl, and Sulli to find out what this key section of the route is all about then get your entry in before the 14th of Feb to see how you size up to the challenge!

Surviving Imbuko Big 5’s Patatskloof Section

How to conquer the Cliffhanger

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