New Fox 34 Forks, Float X and DHX Shocks

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Suspension manufacturer Fox have just announced new/updated products in their line-up, focused on the trail sector. Two new 34 forks and two new shocks, the Float X and DHX. Take a look at Elliot Jackson (who has been doing some rad things recently with tearing up some trail on the new 34 below.

Eliot Jackson rips the new Fox 34 and Float X

The 34 is Fox’s lightweight trail fork that comes in 120 to 140mm travel options. The factory model had Fox’s highly praised GRIP2 damper inside (other models available with the GRIP2, GRIP or FIT4) and tips the scales at 1698 grams.

New Fox 34 Forks, Float X And Dhx Shocks
Eliot Jackson with the Fox 34 Factory

The GRIP 2 damper is the same that you will see in their bigger hitting forks such as the 36 and 38. It is highly tuneable, particularly with the very smart Variable Valve Control system on the High Speed Compression adjustments (which Fox debuted on the 36 and 38 last year). The GRIP2 is the most high performance damper available to the public from Fox that will have you generating plenty of traction. 

The 34 features a new lowers chassis which you may recognise from its bigger brothers, the 36 and 38. The redesigned arch is said to be the best balance of weight and stiffness. If you look closely at the back of the fork you will notice a ridge on the lowers. These are oil bypass channels that should keep the fork seals and foam rings better lubricated as well as increasing the air volume of the fork to reduce unintended progression at the end of the fork’s stroke. This is also a design cue form the forks released in 2020.

Alongside the new 34 is its more XC and marathon orientated sibling, the 34 Step Cast. With a 100-120mm travel range, this fork also comes with the lighter but less tunable FIT4 damper (with a 3 position compression lever for climb, pedal, and descend settings), or the GRIP damper. The Factory versions of the 34 Step Cast Comes in at 1496 grams and as mentioned is aimed at lightweight marathon bikes ridden by those counting the grams!

Looking for a lightweight high performance fork for your short travel trail bike? 140mm or less and the 34 could be for you. Riding XC laps and long endurance rides, not too concerned about the highest performing damping but wanting an effective fork with a low weight, 34 Step Cast sounds like your baby.

When is comes to the new shocks, the Float X sits between the lightweight Float DPS and the burly Float X2. It is intended to pack a strong, trail chowing, punch in a small and easily tuneable package. Think of this as your set and forget, 130 – 160mm travel rear shock for your trail bike. The Float X features a large piston diameter than the previous DPX2 (now phasing out) and thus will have you running lower pressures (approx. 40 psi) and allow the shock to be compatible with a wider range of bikes.

The new DHX is a coil shock aimed at aggressive trail riders. Certainly a response to the growing popularity of coil shocks on trail bikes.

Both new shocks feature 11 clicks of low speed compression and 11 clicks of rebound adjustment. What is simple but genius here is that they have numbers on the compression dials (and the rebound dial for the Float X) so that you don’t need to count clicks to work out the position on the compression damper but simply look at the number on the dial. Both also have a 2 position lever to firm up the shock for climbing, which some may appreciate.

As expected from the suspension giant, well finished products that we expect to deliver on the trail.

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