Check Out The New Premium Merino Adventure Cycling Jackets From CIOVITA | Cozy and Stylish

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Merino is a marvelous material. This natural wool balances insulation, moisture-wicking and odour resistance like nothing else. It is also soft to the touch and so very comfortable to wear and ride in. CIOVITA’s Merino tee has been my go-to for gravel, trail riding, and everyday casual wear and let me tell you, at the rate at which I wear that thing, it’s a good thing it has such great odour resistance.

Well CIOVITA weren’t about to stop there with their Merino range having now released 2 luxury adventure cycling jackets that nail a fine blend of comfort, style, and performance. Find out more about them below and hear from some of the team at this proudly South African company on what gets them so stoked about these new adventure jackets!

Check Out The New Premium Merino Adventure Cycling Jackets From Ciovita | Cozy And Stylish
The Merino tee was a pleasure to ride in on our Cederberg Gravel Tour!

The Vale and Odyssey Merino Jackets

The Vale and Odyssey cycling jackets are made from a Merino wool blend designed to keep the winter cold at bay. The cut speaks to a stylish road or gravel cycling look but these would work for the lycra MTB bandits out there as well! The Vale Merino Jacket comes in black and slots into their top of the line “Apex” series, featuring the sleek and aero “Pro Fit” along with some classy reflective details, a water resistant mid-layer, 2 way YKK zip, and 3 rear pockets of which one is zip sealed. It’s priced at R3 499.

New Merino Winter Cycling Jackets From Ciovita
CIOVITA’s new Vale Merino Jackets are crafted with a blend of merino wool and strategic placement of laminated water-resistant panels. Photo by Kleinjan Groenewald.

Their Odyssey Merino Jacket comes in a very tasteful green and a slightly more relaxed “Race Fit” than the Vale. It also skips the water resistant layer and doesn’t have as much reflective detailing. It also comes in a little less than the Vale in price at R2 999. This would probably be my choice of the two, mostly because I’m more into the green than the black colour!

What the CIOVITA crew have to say on the new threads

Ciovita’s Marketing Manager, Charl Neethling, is well familiar with a chilly morning ride so we quizzed him on his pick of these two jackets. He had this to say: “Chilly early winter mornings are often the only time for many a hard-working professional to get the legs turning and unless you’re sticking to the indoor trainer or live somewhere borderline tropical like Durban, well insulated yet comfortable kit is an absolute must.”

Adding to that, “High quality jackets are an investment and a well manufactured and well looked-after one can last for years but having the right one for the right conditions is crucial. For those riding in areas with dry winters, the Odyssey Merino Jacket would be the go-to but as most of my riding is done in areas with regular winter drizzle and ocean mist, my pick is the Vale Merino Jacket that has the additional water-resistant panels on the chest to keep the wetness out and the warmth in – I fear no Cape Cold anymore!”

We were keen to hear from Lauren Neethling, CIOVITA’s Senior Product Developer on working with Merino wool more in their products. Hear her thoughts below.

“While Merino has been a staple in cycling kit for many years, its resurgence onto the scene has been very exciting to see and as a brand driven to constantly improve and move forward, making use of modern Merino fabric blends as part of our offering gets us equally excited. These Merino blends are softer, stronger and lighter than ever before and have so much potential thanks to their unique properties and the integration of modern technology.

Although as a sport, cycling can’t claim to be environmentally friendly, we’re working to move in the right direction with small changes to our processes and the incorporation of natural and more environmentally-aware fabrics like Merino, recycled nylon and ocean-safe dyes. There’s a long way to go but this is definitely a small step in the right direction.” – Lauren Neethling

The Vale Merino Jacket in more detail

“As part of the Apex Series, the Vale Merino Jacket gets its name from the deep valleys that span open stretches between mountains and is meticulously crafted with a blend of merino wool and strategically placed water-resistant panels. 

…the result? Unparalleled insulation, superior moisture-wicking properties, and exceptional

odour resistance, ride after ride. This innovative combination of fabric technologies ensures that riders stay warm, dry, and fresh throughout their journey, no matter the weather. With its Pro Fit silhouette, the Vale Jacket offers a streamlined and aerodynamic design, optimising performance while exuding a touch of elegance. The YKK 2-Way Full Length Zip enables easy ventilation on the go, while touches of reflective binding enhance visibility during low-light conditions. A zippered back pocket provides additional secure storage while the improved fit of the Ergonomic Back Neck Shaping enhances overall comfort and allows the wearer to focus solely on their ride.” – CIOVITA

New Merino Winter Cycling Jackets From Ciovita
The CIOVITA Vale Jackets’ YKK 2-Way Full Length Zip ensures easy ventilation on the go. Photo by Kleinjan Groenewald.

The Odyssey Merino Jacket in more detail

“Similarly, the Odyssey Merino Jacket embraces the concept of luxurious adventure. The Odyssey Jacket embodies the meaning of the word allowing for long and adventurous journeys to be experienced by anyone who pulls this jacket over their shoulders. As the ideal option for any dry cold rides, this jacket boasts the same merino wool blend that provides exceptional insulation and protection from cold temperatures when no precipitation is expected.

“Inspired by the beauty of nature and natural materials, tireless testing and tweaking paired with the constant drive to provide exceptional cycling kit, these jackets are set to elevate the winter cycling experience of any discerning cyclist.”


The Odyssey’s design takes the diverse needs of avid cyclists into account and features a snug but comfortable Race Fit cut which enhances the riding experience from the first pedal stroke to the last. As with the Vale, the fabric in the Odyssey jacket excels at naturally regulating body heat, managing moisture, and offering exceptional odour resistance to ensure comfort throughout a ride.” – CIOVITA

CIOVITA and the environment

As a brand that increasingly prioritises environmentally conscious design and manufacturing practices, CIOVITA strives to utilise ethically sourced and more renewable/recycled materials in all its products, including the Merino range. The Vale and Odyssey Jackets not only exemplify the finest craftsmanship but also reflect CIOVITA’s conscious decision to work towards minimising its

environmental impact and making more responsible decisions where the health of our planet is concerned. 

The launch of the Merino jackets is an exciting milestone for CIOVITA and comes as another first in the local cycling apparel scene.
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