How to plan, pack and train for a destination running race

Entering a race outside of your hometown, province or even the country adds a whole new level of motivation. It might just be the jolt your run training routine needs. Not only does it give you something ‘different’ to train toward but choosing an event with different...

Five of our favourite trail runs in National Parks

If you're looking for great trail running trails then you live in the right country. We’re fortunate to have a magnitude of beautiful protected areas in South Africa. Many of our National Parks offer a variety of activities including mountain bike trails and hiking...

Six Post-Trail Run Adrenaline Adventures To Tackle In The Western Cape

If you’ve read Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run (and you should) then you will know that trail running may just be the ‘original’ sport. 'Way before we were scratching pictures on caves or beating rhythms on hollow trees,' McDougall muses; ‘we were perfecting the...


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