How To Run Your Best 10K This Year

The 10km or ’10 kay’ is something of a default distance. A yardstick, if you will. For elites, it’s a measure of serious speed, for intermediates...

KAP sani2c Nonstop: South African Mountain Biking’s Best-Kept Secret

The KAP sani2c is one of SA’s most-loved mountain bike stage races, and after celebrating a successful 20th edition last month, the team looks...

How Much Beer is Too Much Beer | Alcohol and Sports Recovery

How much is that post run or ride beer really affecting our ability to recover properly, if at all? Sipping on a cold draught after finally crossing...

Sappi Karkloof Classic Trails Festival | Building a Lasting Legacy

It’s time for the Sappi Karkloof Classic once again, and Sappi and the Karkloof Club are excited to welcome riders and runners to this great event...

Back on Track: The Ultimate Cross-Training Blueprint for Injured Runners

Read on for the ultimate cross-training blueprint for injured runners. Injuries are an all too familiar and unwelcome companion, capable of stopping...

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