WATCH: Is There A Place For E-Bikes At Stage Races?

SPOILER ALERT: We had so much fun on the eebs at FNB Wines2Whales that there could be only one answer. Press play if you aren't convinced. E-Bikes...

These Are The Best Upgrades To Make To Your E-Bike For A Better Ride!

Give your bike a new lease on life with some strategic upgrades to key components that won’t necessarily break the bank. With the rising prices of...

E-Bikes For Road Cycling | What To Know Before You Buy

Here is all you need to know about Road E-Bikes and what our top recommendations are in the category! The majority of cyclists prefer to stick to...

E-Bikes For Gravity Riding | What To Know Before You Buy

Burly E-Bikes with a pure-gravity-focused spec and design - the appeal is real! Here is what you need to know: Many people argue that the best use...

E-Bikes For Trail Riding | What To Know Before You Buy

E-bikes designed for ‘trail riding’ have to be our favourite category of pedal-assist toys! The blend of modern bike design with the added motor...


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