It’s An Adventure – Joberg2c Day 4

As the wind roared off Sterkfontein Dam and the rain from Siberia lashed down on the dining marquee, the joberg2c organisers announced that the normally feisty, trail-heavy day four would be a neutral day on tar. The first 3 days have been anything but sublime weather...

Grind by Grind – Joberg2c Day 3

Those with an interest in writing or fans of quirky literature might know of the book Bird by Bird. It’s a memoir-slash-instruction book where author Anne Lamott gives advice on the best way to go about writing a novel, or even a magazine article. Triumphant...

Rising (And Falling) To The Challenge – Joberg2c Day 2

As with life throwing you challenges when you least expect it (no milk in the morning for your coffee, for example), mountain bike events also like to add unique tests of character even if they already start with the oversize challenge of riding 900km in nine days....


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