How to Buy a Second Hand Road Bike | All You Need To Know

With new bike prices skyrocketing, you might just be re-thinking that new bike day, but that doesn’t mean you should be avoiding the day altogether. Before buying a new bike, we’d highly recommend looking at a new ‘used’ bike, you might just find yourself a killer...

How To Get The Best Performance Out Of Your Brakes

Not many of us would voluntarily choose to have sub-par performance from our bike’s brakes. We enjoy having the control needed when slowing down but can be less mindful of our brakes than other parts of the bike. The little levers on the end of our bars and their...

Asking The Pros | What Is the Most Important Component On Your Bike and Why?

We’re doing a series of articles taking a look at the preferences and habits of South Africa’s top cyclists. In this instalment, we find out which components they pay most attention to! Maybe it’s your gears, or your brakes? Do you get very particular about your...


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