Black Friday And Festive Season Gift Ideas For The Cyclist In Your Life

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We have a range of gift ideas for your special cyclist to give the festive season shopping a kick start this Black Friday!

The festive season is a time for giving, and what better way to show your loved ones you care than with a gift that reflects their passions? If you have a cyclist in your life, you’re in luck! There are endless gift possibilities to choose from, whether you’re shopping for a 5am club tarmac soldier or the trail-loving weekend warrior.

If your loved one needs an upgrade, take a look at some of the useful items of gear and other accessories available that can make their ride more enjoyable or safer! These are some of our top recommendations that will likely have some great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals going on this week!

A New Bike

Is there a better day than ‘new bike day?’ We think not. Cannondale South Africa is shaking things up this November and offering some amazing specials on various bikes. Their Summer Price Promotion runs from 10th November to midnight on 30th November 2023. Head over to Obike to get a taste of some of the amazing deals on offer and stay tuned to our channels for specific stories on going beyond the boundaries of range with the TOPSTONE range, beyond the boundaries of fun with the HABIT NEO and beyond the boundaries of speed with the SCALPEL.


Sunglasses – a game changer for cyclists

Price range: R500 – R3000

A decent pair of sunglasses is a game-changer for a cyclist. Whether it’s just taking the edge off of the bright conditions or enhancing the contrast on the trail or the road, some proper sunnies make a world of difference. Not only do they improve your vision, they also protect your eyes from dirt, flying objects and bugs all while (hopefully) looking really stylish!

If your budget is generous, we’d recommend the Oakley Sutro Lites and if you’re buying for a younger person or a bit more restricted on what you can spend, the D’arcs Tundra or Edge could do the trick! For some helpful info on understanding what makes a good pair of cycling glasses and more recommendations head over here.

Understand The Nuances Of Sports Eyewear Lens Technology And How To Find The Right Pair Of Cycling Glasses For You.
Good glasses make cycling a better experience. Fact.

Cool tools – fun and easy

Price Range: R50 – R400

A cyclist is lost without their trusty multitool and tire repair kit. Some of us are still lugging around a cellphone-sized mini toolbox weighing half a kilo on our rides and could do with a slimmer and lighter setup like the sleek Groove Tool From Ryder. Tools are cool gifts and they are also practical. Even just a top up of plugs can be thoughtful and much appreciated!

Dropper post – the gift of freedom

Price Range: R3200 – R10 000

Few components on a bicycle can unlock as much freedom and fun as a dropper seatpost! If your loved one enjoys their mountain biking (particularly the descents) and doesn’t have one of these on their bike, you can rock their world. Even for marathon riders, these seatposts are becoming more and more popular for their performance and safety benefits.

For value for money, check out the options from local brand Lyne Components. If the person you’re buying for tends to weigh their shoes and components to figure out the lightest options, then Fox’s Transfer SL might be the right buy but it comes at a premium.

Giant Trance X Adv E+ Elite 1 E-Bike First Look
Dropper seat posts should come standard on every single mountain bike.

Note: Be sure to check that the seat post you’re buying has the correct dimensions for your frame.

Csixx custom parts – personalisation for the win

Price range: R200 – R1500
Make your gift really special by adding some personalisation to it! Local bike component manufacturer Csixx is the talk of the town at the moment with all the cool custom parts they are doing with awesome colours and even the option to add a name or catchphrase to cap it off. Your gift options range from derailleur cages to their new XC / Road / Gravel stems or a fun top cap!

To order something custom, hit the link here and go wild!

CIOVITA Kit – the gift of style

Price range: R500 – R1500+

CIOVITA is leading the charge in the local cycling kit world and even making global waves with its stylish performance gear and high-quality standards! They’ve just dropped some rad new tops so check out their collared Adventure T-Shirt, lightweight trail riding tee or the super aero Aeolis zipless jerseys if your giftee is prone to big miles at high watts!

As for Black Friday, CIOVITA is going big with up to 60% of great products. And you can trust us that it will be money well spent.

Tyres – get some traction

Price range: R800 – R1300
A new set of tyres can transform your bike with more traction than you can ever remember having. We’re expecting to see some good Black Friday discounts on rubber around the local bike shops or online at Cycle LabBike Addict and so on. If you’re unsure about which ones to gift, just go for a new set of the current model or if you’re looking to surprise with something different, we have a bit of info to guide your search here.

What Makes A Good Gravity Enduro E-Bike Emtb Ebike
New tyres? We’ll take some of those anyday. (c) @maxsulliphoto

Bike racks – Adventure is in the air

Price Range: R4500 – R20 000

Got some travel plans coming up? We recently spoke about the importance of a quality bike rack in our guide to travelling with your bike and it’s true, a decent bike rack can save one a lot of pain and frustration, and also ensure that a very valuable bike is well looked after on the road!

Thule and Holdfast are the big players in the bike rack space. Thule’s products are usually a little more convenient to use and polish while the locally manufactured racks from Holdfast are a little less fancy but much more affordable and certainly as robust and secure. Holdfast has Black Friday specials in the pipeline and we’re sure you’ll be able to find some Thule specials as well.

Top tip: go for a tilting rack if it makes it into the budget!

Best Tools, Bike Racks, And Gear For Travelling With Your Bike
Titling racks are the way to go! (c) Holdfast

No matter what your budget is, there are plenty of festive season cycling gifts that you can pick from out there. Remember that it’s the thought that counts and if you’re really stuck, phone a friend and make them choose! Now get shopping and show the cyclists in your life how much you care, or at least just take them out for a ride on their favourite loop or trail!

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