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Wow that’s cool. This weekend is the 20-21 (of Feb) in 2021. 2021 2021.. What do ya know. Anyway, that’s probably not as amazing as I think it is.

We are back with the Weekend Lineup for the first time this year (crowd cheers) and we’re kicking it off with a bit of racing and a story of some curious craziness happening on the West Coast.

The Weekend Lineup - 20/21 Feb 2021

Photo by Elma Nel

Up North this weekend, Gauteng Cycling presents the 2021 XCO Cup series and champs. Saturday will see the first round of the Gauteng Cycling XCO Cup with riders welcome from all provinces to test their legs! The track features a hefty 141m of climbing over 4,6km. We hear there is a 21,1% slope lurking somewhere on the track. That sounds a lot like a vertical wall and also reminds me why I don’t do a lot of XCO racing. Are there any shuttles happening perhaps?

The Weekend Lineup - 20/21 Feb 2021

The course profile looks sufficiently bumpy for an XCO event.

Gauteng Cycling reckon it is a “great first XCO race to get rid of the cobwebs in time for the first National SA Cup in Limpopo next month”. WILD AIR TV will be making the trek up to Limpopo to bring you live racing action on the 6th of March, so get ready to witness some suffering! Here’s hoping I won’t have to chase anyone fast around the course..

Back down in the windy Western Cape, though soon to be almost as far away, is not any racing per se but rather a significant feat being attempted by an ambitious individual. Tegan Philips of the Wintergreen Barrier Breakers team is riding from Melkbosstrand to Vioolsdrift on the Namibian border and back between now and the 23rd next week. A lengthly 1400km with 13000m of elevation. Why Tegan would choose to put herself through these things is beyond me but she is apparently doing this in preparation for a record time attempt of the Cairo to Cape route next year! Tegan is known for ambitious endurance endeavours and I have no doubt she will smash her goals!

The Weekend Lineup - 20/21 Feb 2021

Teammates Elrika Harmzen-Pretorius and Tyla Setzkorn will be riding alongside her for parts of the way this weekend as they get in some healthy base miles ahead of the Cape Epic later in the year. Rae Trew-Browne is also along for the ride and is who have to thank for the photos shown here. To follow the endurance madness, click on their Instagram page here and see the blow by blow.

The Weekend Lineup - 20/21 Feb 2021

If neither of those things inspire you to get out and ride this weekend, hopefully something else will! I had a fairly convincing crash on Thursday (#Donnerdag that unfortunately was not captured on video) which has left the wrist feeling a bit tender, so I’ll be out and about with my trail shoes.

Enjoy the weekend everybody!


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