Ultimate Race Week Strategy For Woolworths XTRI

by | Feb 29, 2024 | Woolworths Cross TRI SERIES, Events, Featured, MULTISPORT, TRIATHLON

Expert advice on what to do (and not to do) in the final few days ahead of an off-road triathlon.

Renowned triathlete and multiple Woolworths XTRI champ, Robyn Williams shares advice for a successful race week. With the excitement building and Woolworths XTRI on the horizon, the last few days of preparation can play a big role whether it’s your first event or your 10th and you’re gunning for a PB. To help navigate this time we sought guidance from Robyn Williams on how to make the most of race week.

Avoid pushing yourself hard in training ahead of Woolworths XTRI

Williams cautions against trying to improve fitness during race week. If your training leading up to the event had some setbacks it’s important not to overcompensate. Instead, focus on arriving at the starting line feeling fresh. Williams recommends reducing both your training volume and intensity during this period. Engaging in activities like stretching, foam rolling or a leisurely walk can help keep your muscles relaxed.

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Maintain a diet and prioritize sleep

Ensuring that your body is properly fueled and well-rested is key. Williams highlights the significance of getting rest in the days preceding the race. “You might not sleep well the night before due to nerves so aim for nights leading up, to it ” advises Williams.

Carb loading continues to be a thing

Williams emphasizes the importance of consuming meals that are high in protein and carbohydrates stating, “Make sure your glycogen stores are full for optimal endurance performance.” Staying hydrated is just as important. Keep a water bottle or electrolyte drink nearby to ensure you maintain an intake of fluids.

Make sure your gear is in condition

Williams highlights the importance of having a well-maintained bike and equipment. “The last thing you want during a race is a mechanical problem ” Williams warns. Taking your bike to the shop early in the week is a measure that will help guarantee a smooth race day. As Williams suggests, “Investing some money in maintenance is much better than dealing with a tyre on the course.”

Prepare yourself adequately

“Knowledge is key ” Williams affirms, emphasizing the importance of familiarizing yourself with the course. Reviewing maps, elevation profiles and logistical information helps prepare you for potential obstacles.

It’s vital to arrive at the event venue with plenty of time. Williams recommends, ” time for unloading checking in at transition areas doing a brief warm up and preparing your wetsuit well before the pre-race briefing.” Create a checklist, for all items to avoid any last-minute stress.

Visualize elements of your race at Woolworths XTRI

According to Robyn Williams, “Visualizing plays a role in mental readiness.” Take some time to imagine moments of the race – from the starting point to the finish line. Williams stresses, “Picture yourself feeling strong and savouring every part of the race.” Visualization helps instil a sense of readiness and tranquillity for the event.

In conclusion, Williams advises athletes to have faith in their training and relish the journey. “Remind yourself of the effort you’ve dedicated ” she suggests. “Above all remember to enjoy yourself on race day!”

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Woolworths XTRI Female Podium (The WW X TRI Full Category)

The week leading up to the race is not only about physical preparation but also about mental readiness. Armed with these insights, from Robyn Williams you’re ready to tackle this weekend’s Woolworths XTRI with confidence and joy. Enjoy!

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