What to Expect – Enduro Western Cape Hoogekraal 28 November

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Round 2 of the 2021 Enduro Western Cape season is coming up on the 28th of November and it is the WILD AIR Sports Hoogekraal Enduro presented by Tygerberg MTB Club! Round 1 took place on the MTO trails of Jonkershoek and you can see the race recap and highlights here. Hoogekraal is a less physical day on the bike but we can expect the racing to be tighter! 5 Stages will be raced in the Full Enduro and 3 in the Lite. The trails of Hoogekraal are accessible for enduro beginners but the more speed you add to the equation the more technical they become! This makes it a great race for newcomers to the sport but still keeps the top dogs on their toes!

What To Expect - Enduro Western Cape Hoogekraal 28 November
Speed is not in short supply at Hoogekraal, if you’re willing to work for it!

Race Info

Where and When: Hoogekraal MTB Trails – 28 November

What: 5 Stages Full Enduro (30km) / 3 Stages Lite Enduro (18km)

Prizes: There will be prizes awarded for the top 3 riders in each category + 10K of prize money for a selected age category! (See lower down for new categories)

Note: Event registration will take place on Saturday the 27th at the Dairy Shed – Contermanskloof from 2-4pm. No late registrations allowed! Get a few trails in at Hoogekraal then head across the road to the Dairy Shed to register. Beers and pizza will be available as well!

Enter Here – Entries close on the 25th of November at 17H00 and are limited to 300 riders!

What To Expect - Enduro Western Cape Hoogekraal 28 November
The Cobra is the most technical challenge that riders will have to face. If you’re capable of riding it, get in for the Full Enduro!

Preparing for the Hoogekraal Enduro

While the hills of the Tygerberg are not quite as enormous as the Jonkershoek mountains, when you have 5 descents to hit and you’re racing hard, fitness will be an important piece of the puzzle. Be ready for a bit over 1000m of climbing on the full enduro and 700m or so for the Lite.

Make sure you have sufficient food and liquid on you, there will be a Cadence Nutrition water point during the race to help keep you fuelled but it is worth riding with a hydration pack as shade is limited at Hoogekraal. Sunblock is also your friend.

Have a look at the course previews below to get an idea of what you are in for!

Stage 1 – Full and Lite
Stage 2 – Full and Lite
Stage 4 – Full


The age categories in which you will race are as follows.

8 – 10 Nipper (Lite Enduro)
11 – 12 Sprog (Lite Enduro)
13 – 14 Sub Junior
15 – 18 Junior
19 – 20 u21
21 – 39 Elite
40 – 49 Veteran
50 + Masters

The Lite Enduro and E-Bike categories will only have overall results with no age categories (aside from Nippers and Sprogs Lite).

What To Expect - Enduro Western Cape Hoogekraal 28 November
The flowy goodness of Hoogekraal is ready and waiting!

Keep an ear out!

We will be communicating further race info across email (if you have entered), and on our website and social media channels but the important stuff will all be via email so make sure you read them and tell your mates to as well! There will be a bit of a change up in how the batching and stage starts work this year so take note when that is communicated to avoid confusion and potential time penalties! The stoke is high to see everyone at the races!

Enter here for Hoogekraal 28 November

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