Where To Spectate At The 2023 Imbuko Big 5

by | Feb 15, 2023 | Bike Events & Racing, Bike, Sports

South Africa’s toughest one day MTB marathon, The Imbuko Big 5, is taking place in Wellington, Western Cape this Saturday with a good bunch of the country’s best riders (as well as some internationals) lining up to race for the 2023 title! For more information about the race and the course previews, have a look here!

If you’re wanting to get in on the action and spectate, these are the places you can do that from. If you want to see the race unfold with live video updates, make sure you’re tuned into the @wildairsports Instagram stories during the race on Saturday!

The Start – Imbuko Wines

The action begins at Imbuko Wines on Saturday. Located just outside Wellington in the shadow of the majestic Hawequa mountains, the stage will be set for a monumental day of racing. If you’re here to watch the start you’ll be able to grab a coffee and a snack while checking out the lineup of pro riders in the start chute!

Race Start: 06:30

Google Maps location here

Waterpoint 2 and 4 – Canetsfontein Organic Wine and Fruit Estate

If you’re not too keen on the early wake up, pull into Canetsfontein Wine and Fruit Estate where the riders will be passing by twice during the race!

Waterpoints 2 and 4 are located here and you’ll be able to enjoy some good music, coffee, food and even wine tasting while watching the brave souls on their way up to and returning from the mega Obiekwa Climb.

First riders expected: 7:50 (waterpoint 2)

First riders expected: 8:55 (waterpoint 4)

Google Maps location here

The Finish – Imbuko Wines

Where the race will be decided! The delicious Imbuko Wines will be flowing, the restaurant will be in action, and the riders will be rolling across the line with plenty of battle stories from the mountain! Settle in on the lush grass and catch up with your mates and the pros on how they went at the toughest marathon in SA.

First rider expected: 10:15

Google Maps location here

Of course keep an eye on the @wildairsports Instagram channel for exciting content from the event throughout the day and over the rest of the weekend! We’ll see you at the races.

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