5 Camping Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed (But Do)

by | Jun 10, 2024 | Featured, Outdoors

A handful of super useful things to make your next camping trip (whether that is one night or an extended overland expedition) more comfortable. 

While essentials like tents, sleeping bags, and cooking gear are given, the experts will tell you that some accessories can truly elevate your camping game. And by that we mean, make things more comfortable. In this article we’ve identified 5 gadgets that we’d recommend you get your hands on.

1. Folding Silicone Basin

Whether you’re washing dishes, prepping veggies, or just need a basin for various tasks, this versatile tool proves its worth. Its collapsible design makes it easy to pack and carry around, while its sturdy silicone build ensures durability. With a folding silicone basin, managing your camp kitchen becomes effortless.

Check out this Natural Instincts one from Outdoor Warehouse.

2. Portable Camp Shower Bag

Maintaining good hygiene during camping is crucial for overall comfort and well-being. A handy camping shower bag lets you enjoy a warm shower even in the most secluded spots. These lightweight and compact bags can be filled with water and left to soak up the sun’s heat during the day, giving you a convenient supply of warm water for your shower needs.

You can have a look at some of the options available to purchase from Camp & Climb here.

3. Solar Powered Lamp

Lighting is essential when camping, especially at night. A solar-powered lamp removes the need for batteries or fuel, making it a friendly and economical lighting choice for your campsite. These lamps use energy to recharge during the day, providing hours of light after sunset. With brightness options and a sturdy design, a solar-powered lamp is a dependable companion for evening activities like cooking, reading, or simply soaking in the atmosphere of nature.

Camping Gadgets For More Comfortable Camping

4. Portable Water Purifier

Access to drinking water is crucial on any camping expedition, particularly in remote or wild terrains. A portable water purifier guarantees that you can hydrate yourself without concerns about contaminants or impurities in water sources. These handy water purifiers are built to filter out bacteria, protozoa, and other harmful elements, ensuring you have access to safe drinking water no matter where your travels lead you.

5. Camping Hammock

While a tent serves as shelter on camping expeditions, a camping hammock offers a cosy and peaceful alternative for lounging and sleeping. Hammocks are lightweight, easy to assemble, and provide a unique camping experience by letting you rest suspended above the ground. Whether you’re taking a siesta during the day or admiring the stars at night, a camping hammock brings a touch of comfort and serenity to your outdoor escapades.

Take a look at these ones from First Ascent here.

Camping Gadgets For More Comfortable Camping

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