A Guide to Hiking the Amatola Trail | South Africa’s Toughest Hutted Hike

In the heart of South Africa's Eastern Cape lies the renowned gem known to seasoned hikers as the Amatola Hiking Trail. Often cited as the toughest...

5 Camping Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed (But Do)

A handful of super useful things to make your next camping trip (whether that is one night or an extended overland expedition) more...

How To Run Your Best 10K This Year

The 10km or ’10 kay’ is something of a default distance. A yardstick, if you will. For elites, it’s a measure of serious speed, for intermediates...

5 Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Hiking Boots

Hiking in South Africa presents a unique blend of challenges and experiences. From the rugged Drakensberg mountains to the lush trails of the Garden...

KAP sani2c Nonstop: South African Mountain Biking’s Best-Kept Secret

The KAP sani2c is one of SA’s most-loved mountain bike stage races, and after celebrating a successful 20th edition last month, the team looks...

Ride The Best Trails That South Africa Has To Offer This Winter

These are some of South Africa's best winter mountain biking locations to keep the flow going through the colder months of the year. Winter rides...

5 Top Places To See Snow In South Africa This Winter

We’re heading into winter and getting to the snow is increasingly becoming a ‘thing’ - don’t miss out this year! Venture out to the snow and...




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