All You Need To Know For The UCI Marathon World Cup In Italy

The 3rd and 4th of June brings another weekend of UCI Mountain Bike World Series racing with round 3 of the Enduro World Cup and round 2 of the Cross-country Marathon World Cup taking place in Finale Ligure, Italy! As we mentioned in our previous article, Enduro (EDR)...

Indoor Rock Climbing | How To Navigate Your First Bouldering Sessions?

Starting a new sport, especially an unfamiliar one, can feel quite intimidating so we’ve taken the liberty of breaking down the barriers to entry in a six-part series on rock climbing.  If you’ve decided on bouldering for your first indoor climbing sessions, this...

Watch | Brandon Semenuk In New X Games Video “Fools Gold”

The master is back with another exquisite demonstration of bike control, creativity and style. Brandon Semenuk rides a beautifully crafted playground amongst towering boulders blending speed and precision that is hard to comprehend without watching it at least 5...



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