5 Top Places To See Snow In South Africa This Winter

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We’re heading into winter and getting to the snow is increasingly becoming a ‘thing’ – don’t miss out this year! Venture out to the snow and experience the thrill of winter activities in Southern Africa.

Here Are A Few Spots To See Snow In South Africa

1. Afriski, Lesotho

Afriski, a legitimate ski resort nestled 3050m above sea level in the Maluti Mountains of Lesotho, offers exceptional skiing and snowboarding experiences. With coaching and equipment hire available for all ages, from 4-year-old children to adults, you can learn to ski.

2. Sutherland, Northern Cape

One of the chilliest locations in the nation, if not the absolute coldest, is Sutherland in the Northern Cape. The Verlatenkloof Pass, among the higher areas, typically experiences snowfall first, along with some of the nearby farms situated a bit outside the town. The exceptionally clear skies, renowned for making Sutherland a prime spot for observatories and stargazing, are a primary factor contributing to the town’s susceptibility to snow.

5 Top Places To See Snow In South Africa This Winter

3. Cathedral Peak, Drakensberg

For those inclined towards active pursuits and drawn to the idea of hiking through snow, the portion of the Drakensberg encompassing Cathedral Peak presents an ideal destination. Winter weather in this area tends to be relatively stable, and following a snowstorm, conditions often become clear and bright for extended periods. In favourable weather conditions, Cathedral Peak can be summited in a single day starting from the popular Cathedral Peak Hotel. While snowfall may render certain areas hazardous, experienced hikers should encounter no significant difficulties.

Where To Find Snow In South Africa
Drakensberg. PC: Tanya Paquet | Unsplash

4. Golden Gate National Park, Eastern Free State

Glen Reenen Rest Camp within Golden Gate National Park, typically bustling with visitors during the summer months, sees far fewer guests in winter. It’s not unusual to have the entire campsite to oneself, surrounded by pristine snow. For those preferring a warmer retreat, the nearby Golden Gate Hotel offers cosy accommodations, or one can opt for a luxurious log cabin at Highlands Mountain Retreat, enjoying the warmth of a fire while snowflakes gently fall outside.

5. Swartberg Pass, Klein Karoo

Carved through the Swartberg Mountains in the Western Cape province, this pass is a historic route that connects the towns of Oudtshoorn and Prince Albert. Constructed in the late 19th century, the pass is renowned for its dramatic scenery, with towering cliffs, deep gorges, and rugged peaks dominating the landscape. Its elevation reaches over 1 500 meters above sea level, ensuring that travellers are treated to sweeping vistas of the surrounding wilderness.

In winter, Swartberg Pass takes on a whole new allure as it becomes dusted with snow, transforming into a winter wonderland unlike any other in South Africa. The sight of snow-capped peaks and frosted landscapes is a rare and magical experience for visitors, drawing adventurers and nature enthusiasts from far and wide.

5 Top Places To See Snow In South Africa This Winter
Matroosberg. PC: Leo Moko | Unsplash

If you’re in Cape Town, you can hit the tried and trusted spots such as Franschhoek Pass or Matroosberg when the fronts sweep through…Stay in touch with the latest snowfall reports and photos from around the country, here.

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