9 Essential Road Trip Tips

by | Dec 15, 2023 | Featured, Outdoors

Read on for our top road trip tips for unforgettable adventures in South Africa.

We subscribe to T.S. Eliot’s sentiment: “The journey, not the arrival matters.” Here’s your guide to crafting tar-based memories that count.

ROAD TRIP TIPS: 1. Ensure Your Car is Road-Ready

Before embarking on your journey, perform a thorough check on your vehicle. Ensuring your tyres are in good condition, properly inflated, examining lights, and maintaining optimal oil levels is paramount. A well-tuned vehicle minimizes the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

Road Trip Tips
(c) Dylan Chan / Pexels

ROAD TRIP TIPS: 2. Monitor Fuel Efficiency

Petrol and diesel don’t come cheap. There is no way around that, so understanding your car’s fuel economy can significantly impact your journey. Track consumption to gauge how driving habits influence efficiency, allowing for adjustments along the way.

ROAD TRIP TIPS: 3. Plan Your Route Wisely

Mapping out your route ahead of time provides a blueprint for your adventure. Decide if reaching your destination swiftly or making intermittent stops is your priority. Identifying scenic spots, quirky eateries and essential refuelling stops enriches the journey.

ROAD TRIP TIPS: 4. Take Breaks for Refreshment

Extended periods in the car can take a toll. Plan periodic stops for exercise, whether it’s a brisk walk (a hike up to a notable peak), a quick stretch, or trying unconventional activities like stand-up paddleboarding to reinvigorate your body and mind.

ROAD TRIP TIPS: 5. Choosing the Right Crew

Select companions who embody a spirit of adventure and positivity. Ensure a mix of driving skills, shared responsibilities, and a harmonious music taste amongst your road trip companions.

ROAD TRIP TIPS: 6. Food and Drinks

While South Africa boasts fantastic food pit stops, packing some ‘padkos’ like biltong, sandwiches, fruits, nuts and refreshing beverages keeps energy levels stable without causing fatigue.

Road Trip Tips

ROAD TRIP TIPS: 7. Plan but Embrace Spontaneity

A well-structured plan sets the framework, yet leaves ample room for impromptu adventures. Seize unique opportunities and local insights, and don’t exceed six to eight hours of driving a day to stay fresh on the road and have a balanced experience.

ROAD TRIP TIPS: 8. Have a Good Playlist

Curate diverse playlists and audiobooks for an entertaining journey. Comedy shows make for delightful companions on the road.

ROAD TRIP TIPS: 9. Accommodation

Road Trip Tips
Glamping is a great ‘alternative’ accommodation option for a stop-over. (c) Taryn Elliot / Pexels

Ditch conventional options for quirky stays—glamping spots, themed trailer units, cave suites, or treehouse cabins—for an unforgettable overnight experience.

These should go a fair distance to making your road trips even better but remember, an adventure doesn’t necessarily mean a long road trip, check out some of our favourite regional micro adventures, here.

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