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The MyLife Dusi Canoe Marathon running from the 18th – 20th of March was a great success this year! 3 days of paddling and portaging racing kayaks from Pietermaritzburg to Durban. 70 years running in 2021, an incredible history and culture behind this event. Despite the restrictions that are apparent due to the pandemic, the event organisers managed to pull off a great event with brilliant racing to watch and be a part of!

We produced 3 series of 4 minute videos from the event. The daily Race Highlights, to showcase what went down at the pointy end of the field. The daily People of the Dusi, which takes you into the experience of the MyLife Dusi Canoe Marathon and what the paddlers are up against on their race to Durban. Finally there was a 3 part story feature which focused on the stories of 2 legends of the race, Lyle Wheeler and Hugh Raw. These men are truly part of what the Dusi is all about and their legacy at the race is inspiring. Lyle Wheeler was going for his 50th consecutive Dusi this year and Hugh Raw his 10th at the age of 80 years old! Incredible achievements worth talking about and celebrating. Sit back and pick your flavour out of the series below!

Race Highlights Day 1

Race Highlights Day 2

Race Highlights Day 3

People of the Dusi Day 1

People of the Dusi Day 2

People of the Dusi Day 3

Story Feature EP 1

Story Feature EP 2

Story Feature EP 3

We hope you enjoyed the content! Adventure is out there. Go and find it ??


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