Elevate Your Game By Mastering These Balance Bike Skills

by | Jul 5, 2018 | Bike, Skills, Skills & Setup

It’s time to up your game! In the first episode of our ‘Up Your Game’ bike skills sessions, we team up with Chris Nixon and The Bike Park at Constantia Uitsig to bring you all the need to know info on how to improve your balance!

It may sound simple but it’s often overlooked and in order to truly pedal your progression, you need to have those basics on lock down. Bike balance is more than just the ability to ride in a straight line, it’s the skill and touch one needs to truly master ones steed. It also transcends cycling disciplines so no matter if you ride road, mountain or goats, this applies across them all!

Join us as we talk to Chris about what exercises to practise, how to perfect them as well as how they’ll turn you into a better rider! Sit, back, relax and get ready to learn!

Bike Skills | Episode 1

Bike Balance Skills – Up Your Game EP 1

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