Go Beyond The Boundaries With Cannondale Bikes This Summer

by | Nov 9, 2023 | Buyer's Guide, Bike, Bike Check, Featured, Gear, Reviews & First Looks, Industry News

Overcome any plateau with Cannondale’s Summer Sale.

Have you ever felt the frustration of hitting a plateau in your riding? Whether it’s mastering a new skill, conquering a longer distance, bettering your segment times or flowing through a challenging section of trail, we’ve all been there. The solution lies in pushing beyond those boundaries by increasing intensity, varying routine, prioritising rest, eating healthy and seeking mental support. It could also mean upgrading your equipment and this summer Cannondale can help you do that.

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Cannondale Factory Racing on their way to winning Wines2Whales (c) Sam Clark / Wines2Whales

We’ll be running a series of articles focusing on three game-changing machines —the Cannondale HABIT NEO, TOPSTONE and SCALPEL. Each bike is meticulously crafted to cater to specific needs, making them more than just tools; they’re partners in your journey to break free from limitations.


To help you break through your plateau, Cannondale South Africa is running a Summer Price Promotion: Running from 10th November to midnight on 30th November 2023 – this isn’t just about offering incredible prices; it’s an invitation to upgrade your ride and experience the innovation that comes with the brand known for its iconic Lefty.

Robert Vogel, Omnico Sales Director, shares the vision behind the promotion: “We want to stimulate bike sales, but more importantly, we want to create some excitement around the Cannondale brand and drive traffic to our Cannondale dealers.”

How does the Cannondale Summer Sale Work

The Cannondale experience extends beyond the store, with the option of Click & Collect on Obike. This not only allows customers to explore the Cannondale range from the comfort of their homes but also provides dealers with an additional channel to connect with cycling enthusiasts. It’s a seamless blend of digital convenience and the expertise of brick-and-mortar bike shops, ensuring your bike is always in top-notch condition.


Head over to Obike to get a taste of some of the amazing deals on offer and stay tuned to our channels for specific stories on going beyond the boundaries of range with the TOPSTONE range, beyond the boundaries of fun with the HABIT NEO and beyond the boundaries of speed with the SCALPEL.

Find out more about where and how we’ve used Cannondale bikes, here.

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