Lyne AMP Carbon Wheelset Review – Value Minded And Ready For Action

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We have been spending some time on local company Lyne Components’ AMP Carbon 29″ wheelset and we’ve got the down low for you!

Lyne AMP Carbon Wheel Review

Wheels have a lot of say when it comes to ride feel and performance of your mountain bike. Their weight has a lot to do with stability and agility while the stiffness translates to dampening the ride or giving more trail feedback. Light wheels accelerate like a scolded cat but can deflect off course in a rock garden. Heavy wheels can take some convincing to get off the line but point them into the gnar and they’ll likely carry you to safety. Too stiff and you’ll be holding onto a jackhammer when things get rough, too supple and you’ll end up with spaghetti spokes the next time you “slap a corner”.  At the end of the day most people for better or worse are mostly concerned with how their wheels tip the scales and that is often where carbon fibre construction steps in.

Lyne Amp Carbon Wheelset Review - Value Minded And Ready For Action
We didn’t shy away from rock strewn trails known for damaging wheels while on test. While obviously not indestructible, the AMP Carbon wheels can take their fair share of abuse!

Lyne AMP Carbon Wheelset Details

Lyne is a Cape Town based bicycle component company aimed at the value portion of the market. They’re know for great product innovations and quality offerings. Their AMP Carbon 29” wheelset is aimed at the Enduro bros and trail riding crowd. The AMP Carbons come in on the low end of the carbon wheel price range at R15,999 for the wheelset or R5899 for the rim only. Lyne have an alloy AMP wheel offering for trail and enduro as well as their Pulse carbon and alloy wheels for those who prefer to wear lycra!

Product Details
Wheel Size: 29″
Construction: Toray T700 Carbon
Intended Use: Trail / Enduro
Spoke Count: 32
Internal Width: 30,5mm
Bead Wall: 4mm
Wheelset Weight: 1798g
Single Rim Weight: 450g
Wheelset Price: R15 999.00
Rim Only: R5 899.00

The AMP Carbons come with a 5 year crash repayment policy which is 50% off retail price to replace wheels damaged by user error as well as a 5 year manufacturing defect warranty.

Lyne Amp Carbon Wheelset Review - Value Minded And Ready For Action
Lyne’s AMP Carbon wheels nail price point and solid build quality bringing the many of the perks of carbon construction to a budget minded buyer.


A key feature of the Lyne AMP Carbons is their 4mm thick bead wall designed to increase impact resistance. The larger surface area means the impact force can be distributed and there is just more material to bear the impact. They are therefore designed with robust intentions. They are also asymmetrical to allow for better bracing of the spokes which results in a more stable wheel.

Lyne Amp Carbon Wheelset Review - Value Minded And Ready For Action
Hard to see with the tire on the rim but those 4mm bead walls are suitably chunky and greatly improve impact resistance.
Lyne Amp Carbon Wheelset Review - Value Minded And Ready For Action
The asymmetrical design is visible upon inspection and allows the sake angles to be more equal thus giving a more balanced and stable wheel tune.

The rim comes in at 450 grams with a wheelset totalling at 1798 grams when being specced with Lyne’s High engagement JB03 Hubs as standard. The JB03s feature 150 points of engagement and 32 spokes. At that weight these wheels are not the heaviest of hitters in the carbon scene but they should allow for ample strength and durability for all but the gnarliest trails and aggressive riders and that is what my experience was with them.

Lyne Amp Carbon Wheelset Review - Value Minded And Ready For Action
High engagement hubs are very popular for their responsive feeling and freebody acoustics, the JB03s don’t disappoint here.


As someone who has bent and buckled my fair share of alloy rims, and as mentioned cracked a carbon rim, I rode with that in mind when testing these AMP Carbon wheels. That being said, the feedback from the wheels is confidence inspiring and I didn’t shy away from the chunky stuff such as the Cobra trail in Tokai or the Granite slabs of the city bowl. They’ve got a few scuffs and scratches to prove their worth and they’ve held up well to the abuse in the field and some poor line choices!

The AMP Carbons deliver on stiffness. They are a wheel that scores high in responsiveness especially paired with that JB03 High Engagement hub that almost accelerates telepathically before you even start pedalling! The wheels did bounce around and make a bit of a noise when riding aggressively in very rough and rocky terrain but when it came to supported corners they were rock solid, generating and carrying speed was a dream.

Lyne Amp Carbon Wheelset Review - Value Minded And Ready For Action
Overall the Lyne AMP Carbon wheelset is great value for the money and you can guarantee good support from the team at Lyne throughout your customer experience!

As a carbon wheel they hit the nail on the head for a value minded product that doesn’t skimp on durability. If you enjoy a lively ride feel, smashing well supported corners, big days of pedalling and you’re not shy of a good rock garden, these could be a great option to roll with on your trail or enduro bike that won’t hurt the bank balance too much.

Head over to to check out the AMP Carbon 29 Wheelset and some other great products.

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