Magnus Midtbø’s 20 Top Rock Climbing Tips That Every Climber Should Know

by | Jul 20, 2023 | Rock Climbing, Adventure, Featured, Skills and Training

Rock climbing is a technical sport and that is certainly why we love it so much! Well, one of the reasons at least. All of that technicality leaves a lot of room for nerding out and insights (both simple or complex) from the World’s best are always enjoyable to chew on!

Magnus Midtbø is a very accomplished climber from Norway and has made a name for himself in recent years through his YouTube channel content. In this video, he shares a whole heap of rock climbing tips for climbers of every level. Many of these may be things you already know, but there is bound to be one or two nuggets that are new or you needed a reminder about! Enjoy!

Cover image Credit: Tristan Hobson

Top Rock Climbing Tips For Any Climber

Magnus Midtbø’s 20 Pro Tips

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