Watch | Richie Rude In “Roots Run Deep”, A Return To Downhill Racing

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Bike Video Features, Bike, Cycling Athlete Profiles, Sports

Richie Rude is one of the fastest humans in the world on a bicycle. Starting his career in Downhill as a junior racer and winning the World Championships, he moved into Enduro racing that he felt suited his riding and training locations better. Richie has amassed 30 podiums, 19 race wins, and 2 series titles on the Enduro World Series.

The quiet kid from the North American East Coast has been riding a Yeti for 12 years and while that isn’t about to change, it looks like something big is. Richie Rude is making a return to the downhill racing aboard a brand new Yeti downhill bike. Get to know the gravity riding powerhouse and his journey with Yeti + a sneak peak at what the new racing season will hold in “Roots Run Deep”.

Richie Rude in “Roots Run Deep”

Beyond his stoic exterior, Richie Rude is just somebody who loves riding his bike above all else – a passion that was fostered as a young grom in his New England backyard led him to becoming the 2013 DH JR World Champ, and claiming back-to-back Enduro World Championship titles. We follow him through those achievements, push past his quiet exterior, and delve into the relationships beyond the tape that proves his roots in the MTB world run deep.

Yeti Cycles
Richie Rude'S Downhill Bike For The 2023 Season
This looks to be the downhill beast that Richie will be racing in 2023. Mid-high pivot four-bar carbon framed goodness! (c) Mike Kazimer / Pinkbike

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