Podcast | Craig Kolesky. The Photographer Shaped by the Sports He Documents. Inspired To a Life of Adventure.

by | Sep 1, 2021 | Cycling and Mountain Biking Podcast

Craig Kolesky is renowned for being a versatile photographer dedicated to getting the shot and getting the job done. He has shot world class images for Red Bull and other brands on some of their biggest local and global projects. His involvement with adventure sports through working behind the lens has led to him being fully immersed in the sports himself. Now Craig has 8 Cape Epics under the belt and is regularly heading out on hiking or over-landing adventures. Craig has a busy schedule and truly embodies the outdoor lifestyle.

In our conversation we range from early beginnings to next adventures, The Big Show Beat Down, his most epic projects, handling curve balls, and balancing family life. Craig has a lot of experience and wisdom to share whether you’re an avid adventurer, weekend warrior, or aspiring content creator. Soak it in!

Links to projects and events that we talked about:

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4 peaks Mountain Challenge
Smoke That Thunders – Vic Falls Cliff Diving

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