Podcast | The Mountain Bike Industry with Dayle Holmes of Lyne Components

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Cycling and Mountain Biking Podcast

The mountain biking industry can be a strange beast. We have someone from the inside on the podcast to speak about the inner workings and the finished products that emerge from it.

Dayle Holmes is a well known character around Cape Town riding circles. He, along with his dad, is a co-founder of Lyne Components. They are a proudly South African mountain bike components company that work to produce high quality mountain bike products at a fair price for consumers. You can check out their products at the link below.

We talk about Dayle’s time designing bikes at Silverback, leaving to go full time at Lyne with his dad, the behind the scenes of bike design and product design, innovation, brand building, customer service, and more!

Lyne Website: https://www.on-lynecomponents.com

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