How To Stop Crashing When Jumping Your Mountain Bike

Jumps are great fun but they can also really suck when you land on your face! If you have seen our Donnerdag Thursday reels or any of the infamous Pinkbike Friday fails, you may have noticed that a large proportion of crashes involve a jump of sorts. "How do I stop...

How To Use Your Dropper Seat Post Properly Video: How to use Your Dropper Seat Post Properly How could lowering your saddle while climbing be of any help? Well that is a question we will address in today's Tech Tuesday as we look at how to make full use of your dropper seat post!...

What To Expect at the Leogang World Cup

The rain has come down in Leogang and the World Cup tracks are suddenly looking quite a mess! This is Mountain Biking, and part of that is dealing with the conditions. With the 3rd round of the Cross Country World Cup happening on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon,...


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