The Key To Good Stage Race Nutrition With Bevan Reddy

Race day nutrition, and certainly pre-race nutrition, can often come as an afterthought with a lot of attention going to having the right gear and doing your training but not so much the eating. If you’re anything like me, you’ll just try and pack in a lot of food...

How To Train For A Mountain Bike Stage Race With Johan Wykerd

There isn’t much worse than arriving at a stage race that you’ve spent a lot of your hard earned cash on when you are very much under-trained. While fitness isn’t everything in riding (you should pay attention to your skills as well), it is a lot of the thing. Being...

Getting Your Skills Dialled For A Mountain Bike Stage Race

It can often seem like mountain bike culture in South Africa revolves around stage races. At their best they are incredible riding experiences where you can slip away from the busyness of the day-to-day grind and just enjoy riding your bike with your mates on...


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