Asking The Pros | What Is the Most Important Component On Your Bike and Why?

We’re doing a series of articles taking a look at the preferences and habits of South Africa’s top cyclists. In this instalment, we find out which components they pay most attention to! Maybe it’s your gears, or your brakes? Do you get very particular about your...

Mountain Bike Geometry Vs Suspension | Which Is More Important?

Modern mountain bikes are incredibly capable off-road. Should this be owed to the geometry advancements or better components? Let’s take a look. A couple of years ago Enduro MTB Magazine did a group test of 10 enduro bikes raced by the likes of Jack Moir, Richie Rude,...

The Suspension Sag Issue – Free Performance Upgrade In 10 Minutes

We are addressing one of the most common issues that we see at mountain biking events and the trailheads around the country.Is it lycra pants? Is it noisy brake pads? No.. It is suspension sag.Now before you eyes glaze over and you return to scrolling your instagram...


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