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On the 24th of September 2020, 18 woman are going to be taking on the SHEverest challenge, climbing the 8 845 vertical meters of Mount Everest on their bikes. 10 of them have their sights set on the full Everest and the remaining riders taking on the 4 423 meter half Everest, still a daunting challenge!

The Sheveresting Challenge

Photo: SHEveresting

This is not just purely madness, these ladies are riding for a purpose. The SHEveresting initiative serves to encourage woman to get out, challenge their limits, and take on the Everest challenge while also partnering with Khaltsha Cycles to get more women on bicycles.

“We are hoping to raise enough funds to purchase 9 bicycles to empower women in historically disadvantage areas, through Khaltsha Cycles’ Learn2Cycle campaign. If you would like to donate please visit our social media handles and click on the link in our bios, or search for SHEversting on Back a Buddy.” – Renata Bossi

The challenge is set to take place on Heritage day in Hermanus. The ladies will be doing laps of the Rotory Way climb. It is 5km long with 188m of vertical gain and should make for a good balance of gradient and elevation. They will be setting off at 4am to provide ample time to get the 8 845m done and dusted. Not all the riders taking part are elite level, so the early start should allow everyone to get through the climbing if they maintain a steady pace.

Frankie Du Toit, an enduro racer from the Western Cape will be taking on the half Everest on her enduro bike. She will be sharing her journey through the pain, suffering and victory on our instagram channel so be sure to tune in so see how they go! We wish everyone taking on the challenge good luck and strong legs!



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