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Another week gone! Time is flying and it is heading straight toward an action packed weekend. Round 6 of the Nissan Trailseeker Series, Western Province Downhill racing on Saturday and Sunday and then the much anticipated Sani2C kicks off during the following week! You’ll also see a bit of bonus canoeing content on our channels as we take a look at what is going on at the Umpetha Challenge in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Let’s have a look at the details.

The Weekend Lineup - 28/29 November

Photo: Nissan Trailseeker

The final round of the Nissan Trailseeker Series will be taking place at Legends MX just east of Pretoria. The route will be a mixture of the classic Rosemary Hill trails and well as some new trails near Bronkhorstspruit. 70km with just over 800m of vertical will make for some flat-out racing. What will be interesting to see, is how racers approach the event in light of the Sani2C kicking off a few days later. Will they be testing the legs or keeping their cards close to their chests? Either way, the Trailseeker is known for serving up exciting finishes so we will wait and see what happens!

The Weekend Lineup - 28/29 November

In the Western Cape, the weekend’s racing will be strongly on the gravity side. Round 3 of the SRAM Western Cape Downhill series will take place at Hellsend Dirt Compound in Vuurberg, just outside Stellenbosch. Saturday serves as a practice day / shuttle day, while Sunday will be all about who can lay down the fastest top to bottom run on the track. To check out what the riders will be up against, have a look at our course preview that we did with Adi van der Merwe below!

Once the weekend’s dust has settled, there will be some midweek action coming from the land of Kwa-Zulu Natal. The renowned Sani2C, which usually takes place in May, will indeed make an appearance this year! There will be 2 rides departing from Glencairn farm this week, each consisting of 500 riders. The Adventure will run from Wednesday the 1st of December to Friday the 3rd while the Race follows on Thursday the 2nd to finish at the coast on Saturday the 4th. It is certainly December weather and that means there’s a good chance of rain and heat! It will be one for the history books we’re sure.

The Weekend Lineup - 28/29 November

Photo: Sani2C

As usual, the Wild Air crew will be on the ground bringing you racing action and all the event vibes so keep your eyes and ears open to our channels during the week!

As mentioned, there will be a slightly different flavour on the channels this week and that is a bit of canoeing racing. The Umpetha Challenge is a 22km canoe race from Camps Drift in Pietermaritzburg to the top of a hill at Bishopstowe hall. Doug and J-Dogg will be at the event to share some exciting live action from the water, where rapids and sprint efforts are part of the game, as well as the hillside where paddlers will end with a 2km or so portage to the finish line! Good preparation for the upcoming My Life Dusi Canoe Marathon in Feb next year.

Enjoy the weekend vibes everyone!


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