Watch: How Fast Do You Need To Ride To Win An EWS Stage?

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Bike, Bike Video Features

The Enduro World Series Round 1 just wrapped up in the Tweed Valley and we are so glad the series has kicked off for 2022! The next round will be in 2 weekends time in Petzen-Jamnica (Austria / Slovenia) but for now let’s take a moment to reflect on just how fast the pros are riding stages they’ve only had 1 practice run on! Hop on board with 2nd place overall and Stage 3 winner, Jesse Melamed.

Jesse Melamed Stage 3 Winning Run from EWS Tweed Valley

Got a bit rattled on the first corners and made a few slight bobbles in the woods but started to find the flow and see through the trees.

Jesse Melamed

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