Watch: Raw Kayaking Experience On The Molenaars River – Western Cape

by | Jun 24, 2022 | Whitewater Kayaking

Kayaking on the Moolenaars River in the Western Cape during peak winter is an adventure that promises both thrill and tranquility. The river, swollen with the season’s rains, offers a dynamic and challenging course for paddlers, weaving through the stunning landscapes of the region.

The crisp, cool air and the dramatic backdrop of mist-covered mountains create an incredibly beautiful setting, making the overall experience just that much more special.

Winter kayaking here is not just about navigating the powerful currents but also about immersing oneself in the raw beauty of nature. For a closer look at what this adventure entails, check out the video below that captures the essence of kayaking on the Moolenaars River in all its winter glory.

Ruan Kotzé edited this incredible film filled with adrenaline and adventure of a group of friends who knows exactly how to kayak down this river safely.

Watch: Kayaking Down The Molenaars River in Winter

Molenaars River Kayaking

The Molenaars River is nestled between the big mountains that form the DuToit’s Kloof Pass. The river has an extremely small catchment area and is often paddled in rain, hail, snow or a combination thereof. This video serves as a real feeling of being in a boat on the Molenaars in Winter.

Ruan Kotze

Starring: Andrew Kellett, Camdyn Kellett, Charles Moffett, Nic Parmee, Brayden Raw

Film by Ruan Kotzé

Moolenaars River
PC: Pexels / Kevin Bidwell

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