Watch: SA XCO Champs Vlog – Marco Joubert Takes You Behind The Scenes

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Bike, Bike Events & Racing, Bike Racing News, Bike Video Features, Cycling Athlete Profiles

We see a lot of international athletes with massive followings putting out their race vlogs for the world to see and now we’re getting the beginnings of a few local editions! Follow Marco Joubert and the rest of the Imbuko {type}DEV team as they race for gold at the XCO nationals in Bloemfontein!

Marco Joubert’s Backstage Pass Vlog – SA XCO Champs

What it’s actually like racing national XCO champs in Bloemfontein with team ImbukoTypeDev powered by Giant. As a Professional athlete we rarely show just how “normal” we can be. We are all VERY competitive individuals and super serious at times. This unfortunately cause us to come across as robots. With this video I aim to break that image! Team ImbukoTypeDev riders are still young. We are ambitions, hard working individuals trying our best to try make this crazy career work for us – professional cycling. As much as we love racing we do also like to have fun while we’re at it. Enjoy the video!

Marco Joubert

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