What To Expect At Enduro World Series Round 6 in Sugarloaf USA

by | Aug 19, 2022 | Bike, Bike Events & Racing, Bike Racing News

It’s the 3rd week of racing on the trot for the Enduro World Series and it lands them in Sugarloaf. Located in the state of Maine, USA, not more than a coupe hours from the previous round in Burke but this time around there seems to be more elevation on the cards and trails that boast a higher degree of technicality. Feast on some content below from Sugarloaf to get an idea of what the riders are up against! The rain seems to be hanging around at the moment but should clear up for race day, we’ll haver to wait and see what happens. To see the previous round’s results and the current overall standings, have look here.

Enduro World Series Sugarloaf Course Preview

The official course preview for Enduro World Series Round 6 in Sugarloaf

Shakedown Interviews and Riding Clips

Watch the pros get to grips with the terrain in Sugarloaf.

Track Walk With Canyon CLLCTV – Moi Moi TV

Skip though to check out the trails from track walk or watch the whole vid and enjoy the banter!

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