Podcast | Building A World Class Marathon Mountain Biking Race | S2 EP27 

by | Mar 29, 2023 | Cycling and Mountain Biking Podcast, Bike, Bike Events & Racing, Sports

The Imbuko Big 5 MTB challenge is one of the incredible MTB marathon events that we have been fortunate enough to work with. Theunis Van Zyl and his team are putting in the hard work to create something truly world class with this event in terms of the route, competition, and the overall participant experience.

This is an exciting time for single day marathon events in South Africa, and in the world! We believe the Imbuko Big 5 is at the sharp end of the sport’s progression locally and could even rise to be a globally recognised event.

Doug and Jason discuss some of what it takes to create a world class event, what the Imbuko Big 5 has going for it and what about the future of this race and the sport they find most exciting!

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