All The Videos From The 2022 KAP sani2c

We’ve just wrapped up a great week at the KAP sani2c in KZN! Conditions were sublime, the trails were in incredible shape after the trail teams restored them post the flood damage, people were stoked to be back on the much-loved route and the racing was superb! 2 of their events, the Race and Adventure, run back to back with the same route and overall experience with the only difference being that the real prizes are for the winners of the Race. Catch all the video content from the Race and Adventure below!

Race Highlights

2022 KAP sani2c Race Highlights Day 1

With soaring average speeds, there’s no time to play games on the blast from Glencairn to Mackenzie Club. This the Race Highlights from Day 1 of the 2022 KAP sani2c!

2022 KAP sani2c Race Highlights Day 2

We love Day 2 racing! It’s where the magic happens! Big attacks, long descents and chain wrenching climbs,

2022 KAP sani2c Race Highlights Day 3

It doesn’t get faster than day 3 of sani2c! This is how the race unfolded on the final day of the 2022 Race 

Race Experience

2022 KAP sani2c Race Experience Day 1

Are the legs going to be there? How muddy might it be? Will I make the floating bridge? It’s Day 1 of the KAP sani2c and you take it as it comes!

2022 KAP sani2c Race Experience Day 2

Those picture perfect days on the bike when the trails are fast, the air is sweet and you’ve got all the right people around you! Day 2 is all that and more + a big climb or two.

2022 KAP sani2c Race Experience Day 3

The climbing isn’t over but neither are the trails! Jolivet Farm to Scottburgh, let’s gooo!

Adventure Experience

2022 KAP sani2c Adventure Experience Day 1

Sani2c is about people coming together. Making new friends and reconnecting with old ones. Sublime conditions and great people were the flavour of the 2022 KAP sani2c Adventure!

2022 KAP sani2c Adventure Experience Day 2

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. On day 2 you descend the Umko Drop, and then you’ve got to climb out the Unitans Iconic, and every metre is worth it!

2022 KAP sani2c Adventure Experience Day 3

Day 3 is bittersweet! Your legs are tired but you don’t want it all to end. The smell of the sea draws you in and you savour every last moment!

Entries for 2023 Race and Adventure are opening on Thursday the 19th May at 8am!
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