Assessing the Cape Epic Prologue Results: Can They Predict the Final GC Standings?

How much do the Cape Epic Prologue results have to say about a team’s final GC standings after 7 gruelling mountain bike stages? The 2024 Absa Cape...

Why We Should Be Switching To Wax-Coat Chain Lubes

We weigh up the benefits of the latest molten wax lubricants against those of drip-application chain lubes to find out which is best for you. As...

Farmer Glen on KAP sani2c: “Adventure is at its core”

KAP sani2c stems from adventure. Glen Haw will always be a farmer, it’s not only what he does, but it's who he is. But since 2005 when he suggested...

Toyota-Specialized-NinetyOne win Asba Cape Epic, debutants GHOST Factory Racing win Aramex Women’s Category

Simon Schneller and Urs Huber (BULLS Mavericks) won Stage 7 - the Grand Finale - of the Absa Cape Epic men’s race, but it was Matt Beers and Howard...

Absa Cape Epic Stage 6: Penultimate Stage Proves Pivotal

It appears that only major disasters can prevent Toyota-Specialized-NinetyOne (Matt Beers and Howard Grotts) and GHOST Factory Racing (Anne Terpstra...

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