Beyond The Boundaries Of Speed: The Cannondale Scalpel

by | Nov 29, 2023 | Featured, Bike, Bike Check, Bike Reviews, Buyer's Guide, Gear, Reviews & First Looks

Made for racers, the flagship Cannondale Scalpel is a cutting-edge full-suspension cross-country weapon that transcends boundaries, redefining the very essence of speed.

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The Scalpel and its Lefty fork, are iconic of the trails. At the heart of the Scalpel’s prowess lies its revolutionary FlexPivot suspension system. Engineered to amplify performance, this system integrates flex zones into the rear triangle, eliminating traditional pivot bearings. The result? Unparalleled traction, enhanced stiffness, and seamless power transfer on every trail contour.


The Scalpel’s progressive geometry sets the benchmark in speed optimisation. A slack head angle and extended reach elevate handling precision, instilling confidence even on the most technical descents. The balanced design strikes an equilibrium between stability and responsiveness, enabling riders to navigate the terrain with unrivalled finesse.


Integrating premium component spec, the range is well balanced and every Scalpel in the range will improve your perception of ‘fast.’
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Take the Scalpel to any terrain, and it asserts its dominance effortlessly. Its nimbleness dances through switchbacks, while its stability provides an edge on high-speed descents.

For a few days only, you can own that speed at a hugely discounted rate. Until midnight on 30 November, Cannondale is running some big specials on a wide range of their bikes. Head over to Obike to get a taste of some of the amazing deals on the Scalpel and others.
Read more about the Summer Sale here, and, about other Cannondale models, here.

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