WATCH Mountain Bike Maverick Fabio Wibmer Conquer a Ski Slope at Speeds Over 100 km/h

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Austrian ace Fabio Wibmer conquers the Streif with breathtaking tricks and a top speed of over 100kph. Press play in the player below and read the full story here:

Fabio Wibmer’s Latest Feat Is Off The Charts

Hailing from East Tyrol Fabio Wibmer fulfilled his dream by taking on the daring challenge of conquering the treacherous slopes of Kitzbühels iconic Streif on his mountain bike. This remarkable achievement pushed the boundaries of what’s considered possible on two wheels.

Fabio Wibmer
Fabio Wibmer (c) Philip Platzer / Red Bull Content Pool

Wibmer’s descent down the Streif was nothing of awe inspiring. He fearlessly raced down the course reaching mind boggling speeds that surpassed 100 km/h. What made this endeavor truly exceptional were the breathtaking stunts performed by Wibmer throughout his descent. With jumps that defied gravity, soaring vertically for metres and covering distances he showcased unparalleled skills and an unwavering determination.

A Legendary Mountain

The Streif is highly regarded in the skiing community for its sections such as Start slope, Mausefalle, Steep slope, Hausbergkante and Zielsprung. For a rider as experienced as Wibmer each section presented its own unique set of obstacles that tested everything he’s learned over the years.

Fabio Wibmer
Fabio Wibmer seen at the Streif in Kitzbuehel, (c) Hannes Berger / Red Bull Content Pool

Fabio Wibmer Has A History With The Streif

Wibmer’s connection to the Streif runs deep as he grew up an hour away, from Kitzbühel.  “Every single winter I watched the Streif with my family. One of the most memorable moments for me was the so-called ‘Wall Ride’ on the Steep Slope safety fence by Bode Miller in 2008. It had a huge impact on me and that’s where this idea came from as I wanted to get the same feeling he had, but with me on a bike.”

Now, driven by the desire to pay homage to the world’s best skiers who had fearlessly navigated the daring slope before him, it was his turn to etch his name in history on that iconic mountainside. “The Streif race has always held great significance for me. The idea of realising a project on the Streif had been in the back of my mind for a while,” said Wibmer.

Indeed, months of meticulous preparation preceded this extraordinary feat. Wibmer and his dedicated team worked tirelessly for nearly two years to overcome the challenges posed by the icy terrain. Adapting the bike for effective navigation through the snow and ice-covered course was a top priority. Every detail was meticulously considered, from adjusting the bike’s suspension to creating 576 specialised spikes for both wheels for optimal grip on the snow and ice.

Fabio Wibmer
Fabio Wibmer performs at the Streif in Kitzbuehel, Austria. (c) Philip Platzer / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202401140223 // Usage for editorial use only //

How It All Went Down

“Jumping from the start house onto the slope was very scary as I wasn’t sure how the bike would react,” says Wibmer, “from the top to the bottom, there’s full-on challenges everywhere. I had to be 100% focused at every point.”

Wibmer’s freestyle triumph on one of the world’s most formidable downhill courses was captured on video for his YouTube channel. In the footage, he is seen executing a massive backflip from the top of the start gate, landing right onto the icy and snowy piste, and skillfully continuing his descent.

Reflecting on the project, Wibmer expressed his satisfaction, saying: “It’s an amazing feeling after conquering the Streif, nailing every jump, and creating a really cool video.”

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