How To Buy A Second Hand Mountain Bike

by | Aug 9, 2020 | Bike, Buyer's Guide

How To Buy A Second Hand Bike

Buying a mountain bike second hand is great way to maximise the value of your spending. On the second hand market it is possible to get some really great deals on bikes that would typically be out of the budget! There are of course some risks that you take and there is a bit more work to be done than if you were to be buying a bike new but it can all be worth it in the end!

In this episode we run through the process of buying a second hand mountain bike, helping you make better purchasing decisions. We also suggest some things to look out for when inspecting the bike.

Once you have bought your second hand bike, there may be a few replacements or upgrades that you’ll want to do. Some components are worth spending a bit extra on, some parts you’ll want to save on. Check out these videos we have made on where to spend and save on your MTB!