Asking The Pros | What Tires They Are Riding And Why

We’re kicking off a series of articles taking a look at the preferences and habits of South Africa’s top cyclists. In this instalment, we dive into the nitty gritty of tire choice. If we’re talking about components of your bicycle that have a big influence on your...

Why Your Mountain Bike Handlebars Are Probably Too Wide

Wider mountain bike handlebars allow you more steering control but it is possible to go too wide, here’s why. Mountain bike handlebars are wider than they’ve ever been. In the early days of the sport, so much of bike design and spec was influenced by road bikes and...

Geometry Vs Suspension | Which Is More Important?

Modern mountain bikes are incredibly capable off-road. Should this be owed to the geometry advancements or better components? Let’s take a look. A couple of years ago Enduro MTB Magazine did a group test of 10 enduro bikes raced by the likes of Jack Moir, Richie Rude,...


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