On The Line Interviews With Top Men and Women | KAP sani2c Day 1

by | Apr 27, 2023 | Bike Racing News, Bike, Bike Events & Racing, Sports

Day 1 of the 2023 KAP sani2c fast as ever with dry conditions and some powerhouse teams in the mix! Catch up with the top athletes below! Find more related content here.

Top 3 Elite Men 2023 KAP sani2c Day 1

Top men interviews KAP sani2c Day 1

1st Place | Marco Joubert and Wessel Botha | Imbuko {type}DEV
2nd Place | Matt Beers and Tristan Nortje | Toyota Specialized
3rd Place | Pieter du Toit and Franko van Zyl | Imbuko {type}DEV

Top 3 Elite Women

Top women interviews KAP sani2c Day 1

1st Place | Kim Le Court and Sam Sanders | Efficient Infiniti
2nd Place | Sarah Hill and Elrika Harmzen | HH Women’s Racing
3rd Place | Kerry Campbell and Cheryl Robinson | Double Spoke

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