Lyne Components Drops A New E-Bike Specific Rear Hub. The EB01

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Gear, Reviews & First Looks, Bike, First Look

With the demands on capability from our bikes ever increasing, as well as the amplification of forces on components from the weight of E-Bikes also adding to the equation, the evolution of bicycle components continues. Local component brand Lyne Components has just released a new E-Bike specific rear hub with a good helping of steel in the right places and robust engineering to better withstand the extreme forces that can go through the rear wheel of an E-Bike that is being pushed to the limit.

Lyne Components E-Bike Hub 1
Lyne Components new EB01 E-Bike Hub

“Like it or not, E-bikes are here to stay, and we excited to announce that we are offering E-bike specific products. Meet the EB01 hub set. The reinforced design paired with durable materials means they are ready to handle the extra forces involved with electric bikes.”

Lyne Components E-Bike Hub 2

The EB01 features a full steel free hub body. This ensures that the cassette can’t eat in to the free hub body, as well as ensuring that the ratchet pawls have a durable contact surface for many hours of trouble free use.

The hub axle is steel rather than the alloy axles on our lighter weight hubs. This helps the hub deal with the extra weight involved with E-bikes, especially when riding aggressively.

Lyne Components E-Bike Hub 3
Lyne Components E-Bike Hub 4

The front and rear hub shell feature thicker flanges which result in a strong attachment point for the J-bend spokes. The brake rotor tabs are reinforced to compliment the larger brake rotor sizes found on most E-bikes.

Sealed 6902 cartridge bearings ensure easy maintenance as well as solid durability.

Lyne Components E-Bike Hub 5

To see more about the Lyne’s new EB01 Hub and their other products visit their website here:

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